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 "Four in a Bed" in 2021, Finch Cottage

four in a bed

What an amazing experience we had! We were approached by TV production company, Studio Lambert, at the beginning of last year to see if we were interested in appearing as contestants on popular Channel 4 TV show, “Four In A Bed”.
Being fans of the series we thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear on the show, so we jumped at the offer. Unfortunately, just as filming was about to start, the UK entered its first Covid-19 lockdown and all filming was put on hold. A number of weeks later, when restrictions were eased for the first time, the production company began filming again and approached us about re-joining the show.

Our episode block was filmed across two weeks, creating a total of 5 episodes, with the first episode airing on 8th March 2021 at 5pm on Channel 4.
Eddie says, “To be honest, I wasn’t initially keen on competing as I’m not too comfortable engaging in social media or appearing on TV, but I knew it had the potential to not only be an experience I would never forget but it could also really help us promote the B&B business for when lockdown ends. Hospitality businesses have suffered so much this last year, ours included, so it was an opportunity to reinvigorate our offer to the public. As it was, we had an amazing time and enjoyed ourselves immensely and, psychologically, it really helped get us through the last six months of 2020.”
Karen says, “I have loved the show for many years so couldn’t wait to do it! I was the one who initially took the call from them – I actually thought it was a friend winding us up. I was so pleased when we found out it was a real enquiry and I’m so glad I managed to talk Eddie into participating – we made some lovely, new friends and some incredible, lasting memories. We’ve worked so hard to make our cottage and Salisbury a destination experience over the last few years and I hope that comes through on the programme. Unfortunately, we can’t reveal anything about the show or who won – you’ll have to watch it to find out!”


Unfortunately we do not accept dogs at the moment.

Finch Cottage operates a strict no-smoking policy in the house.

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